I’m Not Messy – It’s the NSA

Dear Kids,

Recently, after moving my desk in my office at work, I found no less than four Cheerios on the floor. Which, I guess, means that I can no longer – in good consciousness – blame you two for all the Cheerio-related debris in my car and home. I mean, I still will, but it won’t be in good consciousness.

I blame Cheerios. No other single cereal gets lost and lodged as often as Cheerios. How many pieces of Cracklin Oat Bran do you have on your car’s floorboards? None! Because that stuff is delicious and you should eat it off the floorboards, plus it’s square and can’t roll away from you.

Listen up, NSA! If you really want to spy on people, disguise your little devices as wayward Cheerios. They. Are. Everywhere.


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