A Bug Up My Butt

Dear Kids,

…A literal bug. Between my butt cheeks.

Not a metaphorical annoyance, but a very real, disgusting annoyance. That expression has a face now…and it’s my butt.

I was sitting outside with my Mom on one of our unusually beautiful December days lately, when I suddenly felt like a leaf or a stray hair had made its way in to my underpants. Upon inspection in the privacy of the restroom, it was…a bug. A ½” gnat-like thing.

I almost threw up.

I can never un-feel that feeling!! The fluttering…the horrible fluttering. The knowledge that an insect has violated the sanctity of my under garments.

The scariest moment in my life was when I was trapped (read: frozen in fear) in the basement as a child with about 2 dozen spider crickets, intent on using me as a springboard.

I don’t like bugs to touch me. But now they have. They so very much have.

Send bleach.


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