Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

Dear Shutterfly,

This isn’t working out. I know we’ve had a great run, but this isn’t a healthy relationship. In fact, I might actually be stalking you.

Ya, I see those new deals you’ve got going on. They look nice. Reeeeal nice.

You keep me up late at night. When my husband gives me “the sign” and heads up to bed, I linger with you – losing a whole hour sometimes – just so I can finish up one last project before a coupon expires.

I think we might be having an affair. I know my husband doesn’t appreciate it.

But who could appreciate you like I can? We’ve logged over 20 photo books, years of Christmas cards, and dozens of magnets, notecards, and random household crap.

I put a photo on a pillow and a table runner. I am not ashamed.

You hold my children’s milestones, whole scanned family photo albums from the 80s, and my epic honeymoon. When my wedding album was lost, there you were carefully holding all my photos like a stalwart guardian of my memories.

I love you.

That’s the problem. The line between devotion and obsession is thin and easily blurred. I have taken a good look at our relationship and decided that I should see other programs. I hear there are lots of nice programs out there…I’m sure they’re very…nice.

What am I thinking?? Just one more photobook? Please! I need magnets!

Don’t ever leave me.


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13 thoughts on “Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

  1. Mary Jones

    You’re NUTS, Meg!! :0)

  2. Actually, I can relate. I think I might be beginning an affair with him…it?!!

  3. You sound like my wife!! She has several photo books stored on her account just waiting for the right coupon to come along. HAHA!!

  4. I manage to avoid her/his siren song until the holidays. Then I let loose with a barrage of card and calendar orders. It would be a huge tragedy if not for their sublime coupon codes!!

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