Just Your Average Weekend

Dear Kids,

This weekend was nice! Until it wasn’t.

We had a nice lazy Saturday morning in our pajamas, followed by a nail appointment for me, your Aunt A, and Grandma P.


I was fascinated by the acrylic nails Aunt A got. No, she did not keep them that long. It would have been interesting, though.

To keep with the theme, I picked up some press on nails for Kitten and your cousin Tater Tot. They enjoyed decorating them with the little nail stickers, but when it came time for wearing them,  Buddy was the only one interested.


They fell off in about an hour, but he enjoyed them enough to request them again Sunday.

Later we went for dinner at Grandma P’s for her birthday. Happy birthday!

Sunday morning Kitten woke up on the wrong side of the bed. She cried because she didn’t want Mimi (my mom) to see her. She wanted only me to see her. She then spent about an hour walking around with a pink blanket over her head in some sort of mobile seclusion.

Later we went out for some one-on-one time; slurpees and shopping. We had a grand old time and I thought the attitude had turned a corner.

How naive.

After a snack, Kitten proceeded to kick Buddy in the butt to “see how hard or soft it was,” claimed it hurt her foot (obviously this is Buddy’s fault), did it again, and then got mad at him when her face got in the way of his game of catch with his stuffed animal. Brothers, right? How annoying.

She was sent to her room for an attitude adjustment that encompassed nearly an hour and two sternly written “stay out” signs on her bedroom. Who would want to go in there??

She came out eventually requesting that her obviously offensive brother not be in the same room with her. Ever. Again. Like ever.

Her terms were not accepted, but she settled on chuckling at some funny faces I made. Thank God that still works. What will I do when she’s an actual teenager?? This is just 7yrs old, people!

There was dinner where Buddy upended his entire bowl of soup on the carpet. And then baths, where Kitten complained that one side of the bathtub was colder than the other and the water hurt her booboo and omigod, she can’t work like this!!

I lost my cool, people.

“You have to get wet to take a bath, yes??  So, you’re going to have to figure it out!!”

She added hot water to the bath by herself and I left (ran away with fingers in my ears?) while she cried in agony when water touched her slightly scraped knee.

Teeth brushed. Fish fed. Stories read.

I gathered my babies to me for a little heart-to-heart. I talked about patience, being cranky, having better attitudes. Buddy turned around and farted. Kitten fell over laughing. And I turned off the lights and walked out.

I assume they’re still up there. They might even be sleeping. I’m hiding downstairs with my chocolate and late night tv. Send wine.



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4 thoughts on “Just Your Average Weekend

  1. What a read (as always) 🙂

  2. There must’ve been something in the air. I think Stella received about 16 timeouts yesterday. I hope tonight is better, as I finished the box of wine last night and have vowed not to buy another until the weekend. It’s only Monday. Dammit.

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