Easter Eggs and Other Poorly Supervised Weekend Activities

Dear Kids,

Happy Easter! We had an excellent long weekend together! It was relaxing and fun. You can’t always say that about all sugar-fueled holidays!

It began Thursday night with the knowledge that we wouldn’t have to wake up early for the next three days. Bliss!

Of course, responsible parents still need to put the children to bed, even on weekends. And we did. Kind of.

We supervised the pajama process, micro-managed the tooth brushing process, read a book, kissed you soundly, and turned off the lights. Two hours later, when we dragged ourselves up the stairs for our own bedtime routine – behold! – Buddy popped out of his bedroom and we nearly jumped out of our skins! Bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, and holding a book and flashlight, he seemed about to ask us a serious literary question.

“What are you doing awake? Have you been up this whole time? The whole time?? It’s nearly 11:30!” We screeched in hushed tones.

“Ya, but I need help with this book.” The picture of nonchalance.

I grabbed the book. “No. Bed. Now.”

You shuffled dejectedly off to bed. I looked at your book. It was one of my old teaching materials; a graphic novel version of Treasure Island. You had almost finished it. Huh.

Should I be impressed because it’s classic literature? Or concerned because it’s really just a violent pirate story?

The next morning we all went out into the beautiful sunshine and cleaned up the backyard. If you ever consider buying a home with a sweet gum tree. Don’t. Just don’t. We have three. We fill 3 large trash cans with their evil spikey offspring almost weekly.


Screw you, spikey balls!

Our hard work was rewarded with lunch and a movie. Then a few shopping excursions where I snapped these keepers:





My little mommy heart just exploded

Adorable, right?

Buddy was super sweet Saturday morning when he asked me to take pictures of him and his beloved Blue Bear:




Saturday was egg dying day! Aaand…I forgot to take pictures of the kids. I did get a few of the eggs though, and really that’s what counts, right? No? Well, whatever. I was enjoying life. Sue me.



Nail polish dip. My new favorite thing.

At one point Buddy was studying a green egg. “Can you eat these?” He asked. “Sure! We’ll make egg salad, deviled eggs, potato salad, you name it!”

I turned my attention back to the eggs until I heard your Aunt say, “What’s in your mouth? Did you just-??”

Yep. You had. You heard ‘edible’ and went for it, biting right into the bright green shell. You had a mouth full of crunchy, green mess and a look of confusion. It may put you off eggs for awhile. Our laughing probably didn’t help.

Later we went over to your cousin’s house for dinner and s’mores. Tastes like nostalgia!




Better than egg shells!

Easter Sunday morning we went to services (which were beautiful! The choir gave me goose bumps!) followed by an epic egg-hunt at your grandparent’s house. Seriously, we hid no less than 60 eggs, which were either unfilled or filled with leftover Halloween candy or your own toys (Parent win! I have no more candy and toys in my house than before the egg hunt! In fact, I have less since I pawned a fair bit onto my niece. Win-win!).

Kitten, you took it upon yourself to fill about a dozen eggs with the contents of your jewelry box. Which is how your cousin became the proud owner of dangling clip-on earings.


You kids were so good about redistributing each other’s toys and trading for candy. I was very proud. Particularly of you, Kitten, when you left the easy eggs for the little kids or let them have the egg when you got to it at the same time. You showed a lot of maturity and I was impressed.

You guys had a blast! We all did 🙂


Afterwards we went home and hunted for our Easter baskets (We hide them. Does anyone else do that?).



He ate the whole thing!

Followed by an amazing steak dinner with my Mom.


Hi Mom!

Great weekend. Just awesome. Thanks, family!


Me and my favorite Easter bunny

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2 thoughts on “Easter Eggs and Other Poorly Supervised Weekend Activities

  1. Great pics! We did onion skin and purple cabbage egg dyeing. It worked remarkably well. And somehow I didn’t get a single decent picture of my children with their baskets. Mom fail.

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