Shenanigan Mornings

Dear Kids,

You woke up before your parents this morning. Okay, you wake up before your parents every morning. Literally. Every. Single. Morning.

This means that you two have a lot of quality time together in the mornings. And it’s awesome for you.

We keep our bedroom door open so the dog can come and go, so we can usually hear what you guys are up to. Surprise! You two get along so well when you think we aren’t looking!


These were your adventures this morning…


Constructive destruction?



My favorite part of weekend mornings. Bar none.


Watching the snow. WTF, Spring??


Making mud soup. In your Pj's and rain boots.

After all that, Buddy comes stomping into the house with his muddy boots, stops in the middle of the kitchen and says, “How was the whole world made?” Um…

Followed quickly by, “I farted.” You’re so deep.

Meanwhile, your morning shenanigans together have afforded me a nice lazy morning of my own 🙂


Delicious coffee, Chinese leftovers, and adult coloring book. Bliss.

Have a great weekend, folks!

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4 thoughts on “Shenanigan Mornings

  1. Your house is so CLEAN!!

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