Do I Know You? On Funerals and Cake Fails

Dear Kids,

I’ve been MIA on the blog-front lately. Apologies. I just got back from my aunt’s funeral in Portland. It was beautiful.


My Mom and I cleaned out her room and set aside some things for loved ones. I selected a stuffed elephant for Kitten and a policeman nesting doll for Buddy. For myself, well I was most taken with the photos.


My grandparents with their first born. Such sweet, naive kids...


My grandfather (the only one not looking at the camera) and his 5 brothers


My beautiful grandmother


The kids! Neighbors and siblings at play. I'm related to a handful of them.

Anyhow, enough of the sentimental. Let’s get to the embarrassing stuff, shall we?

So, it was Buddy’s birthday recently. There was much rejoicing and much cake.

There were cupcakes at school, icecream cake at Chuck E. Cheese, and cake for your actual party. Yikes! (We like to stretch out our birthdays around here)

For your party I decided I would make your cake myself. I have friends with these skills. Friends who actually make money with their cake skills. Surely I can apply icing to a cake, right? Mothers have been doing so for years!

I should have hired one of my friends.


It's a Starwars cake. Light side & dark side, get it?

Apparently I cannot apply icing to cake. Cake hates me.

Here’s the cake I made under extreme supervision for Kitten’s 5th bday:


Beautiful, right? And back to Buddy’s 5th bday cake:


It's a Starwars cake. Light side & dark side, get it?

It looks like I took an egg beater to it.  Maliciously. [Sigh]

Thankfully, I was able to consult with one of those aforementioned cake-savy friends and redeem myself:


You see that? That, my friends, is 3 cans of blue icing. It was, I’m told, delicious. I don’t care, as long as he liked it:


And he did 🙂


Papa performs


Bounce house BEFORE cake. No vomiting, please.


Birthday spoils: stormtrooper masks and pool noodle light sabers

Homemade Starwars birthday party. Nailed it! 😉

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2 thoughts on “Do I Know You? On Funerals and Cake Fails

  1. I love looking at pics from that generation. Somehow everyone seems so beautiful and classy. As for your cake fail, I heartily commend you for even trying. I suck. I acknowledge and embrace it. And hell, the “professional” who made Felix’s 1st birthday “squash cake” in the shape of a numeral one, succeeded in making a lovely blue icing-covered penis and balls.

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