The Doors

Dear Buddy,

Shut. The. Door!!

You have an inability lately to close anything that resembles a door.

Bathroom doors have always been a problem. In your school the bathrooms have no stalls; just three little potties in a big room (which is literally a nightmare of mine, by-the-way). I can see how you would find closing the bathroom door unnecessary after that. But, sometimes bathroom door closing is appreciated. Say – for example – at an office Christmas party at a co-worker’s house when you stood, pants-less in the bathroom doorway to inform me you’d gotten that piece of lint off your junk. “My doodle’s all clean now, Mom! Mommy? It’s clean! See?” Good times.

You frequently have to be reminded to close your car door. One fateful (and chilly) evening you forgot to close your car door even after being reminded and Daddy’s car was wide open for over 12 hours. Thankfully, the car was still there the next day, his car had turned off its power before the battery died, and there was no evidence that any wildlife had moved in…yet.

The real kicker has been the refrigerator doors. Our nice, new model in the kitchen has an alarm that sounds when the door is left open. Thank you, engineers and designers! Good call! Our older model freezer in the basement, however does not have such fail safes. It was much longer before we realized you’d left that one open. We lost food and almost lost the whole freezer – it was the smell from the over-worked motor that brought our attention to it. Epic fail, Buddy.

There is also the fun of our house looking like a scene from Poltergeist because you don’t close any drawers or cabinets. But, outside of that obvious up-side (do I need a sarcasm sign here? You hear it, right?), in general, I think I’m ready to “close the door” on this stage.

See what I did there?


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  1. That face!!!!

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