Working for the Weekend

Dear Kids,

Our weekend started off with this fashion statement…

I woke up the next morning to this bit of randomness…

Followed by a stern warning about my coffee habits…

Then we went to Cirque du Soleil, which was amazing and much enjoyed by all…

Sunday we went to a local Pups & Pilsners event. There were many brews and many breeds; some delicious and all cute, respectively. 

Followed by a trip to the local sporting goods store where Buddy happily announced to a gentleman shopper that said shopper had “a really big nose.” Buddy was clearly impressed and said it like, “congratulations! That’s awesome!” I swiftly abandoned him in the aisle and pretended not to know him. Unfortunately, he came right up to me and took my hand, addressing me publicly as his mother. Dang. I apologized to the gentleman (who was audibly laughing, thank goodness) and talked to Buddy about how complimenting people is nice, but you shouldn’t just pointing out various body parts.

We topped the whole weekend off with a little fishing at the local watering hole. Buddy caught his first fish…

Both Kitten and Buddy caught 3 fish, their Dad caught 2, and I caught a pair…of children’s shoes. Spiderman sandals to be precise. They were floating in the lake, so I pulled them out. No big deal. Except that to Kitten it was a huge deal. “My mom caught shoes!” she announced to every bystander. Like I’m some magical being that can pull fashion out of a lake. You know, King Arthur only got a crumby sword.

It was a good weekend. I woke up this morning contemplating my desire for a longer one, when I heard the following…”Oh boy, this is going to be painful. This is going to be really painful!” I was still in bed, which meant I had to make a choice: 1) get out of bed and investigate/intervene, or 2) stay in my comfortable spot and assess the damage audibly by the size of the forthcoming ‘thunk’.

I stayed put. Advertisements of pain were grossly exaggerated and the perpetrator decided to pursue a more dangerous method of dismounting the bunk bed next time.  See? They didn’t need me at all…

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3 thoughts on “Working for the Weekend

  1. Your kids are getting so grown up!!

    • I know, it’s crazy! Kindergarten and 2nd Grade. Although, they are the same size right now. They could share shoes! (If they went for that sort of thing, which they adamantly don’t. That would have really helped my shoe and clothing budget!)

  2. LOL…you never have a dull moment with your kids right? Greetings from the two of us 😀

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