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In the Midnight Hour

Dear Kids,

Most of our middle-of-the-night transactions with you guys are pretty banal; you feel sick, you can’t find very special thing x, you had a bad dream. Your father and I stumble
through the appropriate parental responses in bleary fashion.

However, sometimes you deliver up a gem in the middle of the night that really should go down in the annals of history. That night, for example, when Buddy appeared like an apparition
in our darkened bedroom doorway and uttered these enlightening words: “I wear socks on my feet.”

“Um…That’s great, buddy. How about you go back to bed?” And without another word he turned around and disappeared from whence he came.


And again, a few weeks later as your father and I put ourselves to bed unusually late on a weekend night, Kitten stumbled into the room, making little hiccupping sounds.

“Kitten, are you ok?” Your father, alarmed, wrapped her in his arms and sat with her on the side of the bed. Her shoulders bounced up and down as she…bawled? “Sweetie, are you
crying or laughing?”

And then she threw her head back and shook with laughter. She could not control herself! She had the giggles and they would not let go. She didn’t say anything accept ‘I don’t
know’ when asked why she was laughing. She just laughed for about 3 solid minutes. Then I took her by the hand and brought her back to bed, where she curled up and slept.

It is, perhaps, pertinent to mention that sleep walking and sleep talking run liberally in your father’s family. Your father, many years ago, sat bolt upright in bed in the middle
of the night, startling me awake, and said, “Rainbow Lynn!”

“What??” I asked.

“Rainbow Lynn.” He repeated.

“Rainbow? Like the colorful arch in the sky?”

“Yes.” He said.

“Lynn? Like the name?”

“Yes.” And then he laid back down and started snoring. Wtf, indeed.

I was awake for a solid hour trying to puzzle that one together. In the morning he recalled none of it. Maddening.

I am positive he still does such things, but I am blissfully unaware, having invested in a healthy supply of earplugs. But it’s harder to ignore the human that laughs their way
into your bedroom at night, so I imagine I will get to enjoy the midnight stylings of my interesting children for the foreseeable future.

Should be fun!

Maniacal laugh!

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I’ve Got My Eyes on You: Sleeping with(in) the Enemy  

Dear Buddy,

Last night you asked your father and I if you could paint your bunk bed. The bed is a nice, knotty pine and would, frankly, look horrible painted. Your father roundly denied your request, citing resale value concerns.

The thing is, you’ve got your reasons. You think the knots in the wood are eyes. You think your bed is watching you.


Sleep tight; don't let the bed bite.

You go to sleep every night without much fuss in a bed that you feel is staring at you. How are you not rocking back and forth in a corner somewhere? That is seriously disturbing!

When I was a kid I thought I saw a bug on my bed and I subsequently slept in the hallway for a week. A week. For an imaginary bug.

Your bed is literally watching your every move. And it surrounds you. ::shudder::

You are made of tougher stuff than I am, kid. Sorry about the monster bed. Sleep tight!

…or your bed will eat you.


Little boys...nom, nom, nom

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The Tooth Brush Paradox

Dear Kitten,

While getting ready for bed…

Me: Kitten, go brush your teeth, please.

Kitten: Mommy, if I don’t brush my teeth, then I’ll drink my apple juice and then I’ll have to go potty again.

Me: Ok. So, don’t drink any apple juice and go brush your teeth.

Kitten: But if I brush my teeth I won’t drink apple juice and have to go to the potty again!

Me: Great! That way you won’t have an accident. Now, go brush your teeth!

Kitten: But, Mommy! If I brush my teeth I won’t drink apple juice and have to pee!


Kitten: Mommy??

Me: I don’t understand what’s happening here. Why aren’t you brushing your teeth?

Kitten: Because I’m thirsty!

Me: Then drink the blasted apple juice!!

Kitten: But what about my teeth??


…it’s too late for this to be so complicated.

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Strange Bed Fellows

Dear Kitten,

The other night you didn’t want to go to bed. Surprise. You said you weren’t tired. You said you had the wiggles. You said you needed to read another book. Have another drink. Get another doll.

When none of that worked, you took a tack that you hadn’t tried before. You asked if you could have a sleepover with Buddy.

This was an interesting choice. You have had to share a room with Buddy on occasion and it never goes well for you. He doesn’t fall asleep right away. He plays with his bear, kicks his covers around, and sometimes he sings. This irritates you to no end. Although, perhaps his shenanigans were just what you were looking for that particular night- an excuse to stay up longer.

I thought it over and decided that it would be up to Buddy.

Kitten: Buddy, can I sleep in your room tonight?

Buddy: <jumping on the bed> No.

Me: Buddy, do you want to have a sleepover with Kitten? Doesn’t that sound fun?

Buddy:<throwing his teddy bear in the air> No.

Kitten: Look, Buddy! I have my own pillow and my own bed. I brought my teddy bear too. I’ll stay on my side. I promise!

Buddy: <playing with his shadow on the wall> No.

Me: Kitten, I’m getting the feeling Buddy doesn’t want you to stay here tonight.

Kitten: But, Mommy, I want to stay! I want to have a sleepover! Please!!

Me: We’ll see what happens, ok? If Buddy asks you to leave, you have to leave, ok?

Kitten: <nearly inaudible> Ok.

I put down the story book I had just finished reading to them, got up, and turned out the light. I turned around to tuck the kiddos in when Kitten sat straight up in the bed.

Kitten: I can’t sleep here.

Me: Oh? Why not?

Kitten: This is a cool room. I need to sleep in a pretty room, not a cool room.

And with that she took her stuff and left.

Buddy was not offended.

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Dear Buddy – Party at Your Place

Dear Buddy,

Last night about 45 minutes after putting you down, we heard you stirring in your room. Like, stirring the heck out of the place.

I went up to investigate and saw: two dozen books from your shelf tumbled on the floor, half of your pull-ups scattered about, all of the toys from your toy box dumped out, bed blankets thrown willy-nilly, and you in the middle of it all…naked as a jay bird.

I’m not sure what went on in there, but I can’t say you didn’t have fun doing it.


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