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Card Making Extravaganza

Dear Kids,

On Valentine’s Day last month, I got a little crafty at work. Turns out, making handmade valentine’s cards is still a lot of fun! (And free when you have a very generous boss and a lot of red printer paper that everyone hates.)

Here’s your card, Kitten:

wpid-wp-1424197744857.jpeg     wpid-wp-1424197754943.jpeg

Buddy, here’s yours:

wpid-wp-1424197765715.jpeg    wpid-wp-1424197773025.jpeg

Here’s Daddy’s (Inside it says: I dig you. I know, I’m a dork.)


And, just for good measure, a birthday card for a friend:

wpid-wp-1424197719781.jpeg     wpid-wp-1424197728550.jpeg

Okay, back to work!!

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