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I’ve Got My Eyes on You: Sleeping with(in) the Enemy  

Dear Buddy,

Last night you asked your father and I if you could paint your bunk bed. The bed is a nice, knotty pine and would, frankly, look horrible painted. Your father roundly denied your request, citing resale value concerns.

The thing is, you’ve got your reasons. You think the knots in the wood are eyes. You think your bed is watching you.


Sleep tight; don't let the bed bite.

You go to sleep every night without much fuss in a bed that you feel is staring at you. How are you not rocking back and forth in a corner somewhere? That is seriously disturbing!

When I was a kid I thought I saw a bug on my bed and I subsequently slept in the hallway for a week. A week. For an imaginary bug.

Your bed is literally watching your every move. And it surrounds you. ::shudder::

You are made of tougher stuff than I am, kid. Sorry about the monster bed. Sleep tight!

…or your bed will eat you.


Little boys...nom, nom, nom

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