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How to Rock a Wedding in 4 Easy Steps: Advice From a 5 yr-old Pro

Dear All 5 year-old Wedding Attendees,

How to rock a wedding in 4 easy steps (Advice from Buddy – A Pro):

1. Stick your face in the centerpieces. If you’re lucky they will have candy in them. Jordan almonds, personalized M&Ms, little heart confections…chances are, there is candy in there; purple, sticky rockcandy sticks in the case of our sample wedding. When you reappear with sticky purple all over your cheeks, deny everything! “What?? Uh…I think it’s boogers.”


Always check the centerpieces! See? Candy!

2. Touch the cake. I mean, how could you not?? It’s just sitting there on that table in the corner at face-height, looking delicious. I dare you not to touch it. When you are caught with your icing-covered finger(s) in your mouth, deny everything! “I don’t remember anything! It wasn’t me! It was the cake’s fault!”


It's just you and me...

3. Make an impression. I mean a burned-in-to-their-retinas kind of impression. My go-to is inviting (forcing?) wedding guests to watch me pee – I’m really, really good at it. Mom likes to close the bathroom door on me, but if she’s talking on the other side of the door, I gotta know what’s going on right? So, I like to open the door again while I do my thing. Did I maybe pee a little outside of the bowl to perform that door-opening maneuver? Maybe. Did my mom have to clean half the bathroom after I was done? Probably. Did the mother-of-the-bride get a ticket to the Buddy Show? Definitely. And really, isn’t that what counts?


4. Dance, baby, dance! Remember that rock candy? Ya, get some of that. Hop yourself up on all the un-guarded sugar you can find. This is your time to shine! Is that dance floor wet? One word: Slip-n-slide. Outdoor wedding? I’m sure you can find some mud somewhere. Really challenge yourself, here. Remember, your parents are trying to socialize and appear normal, so capitalize on their distraction.


I'm going for formal sanitation worker...kind of shabby chic.



This is MY dance floor!

That should make just about any wedding experience pretty epic. Remember, Don’t let the shenanigans come to you – you go find the shenanigans!


More rock candy!!


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Do I Know You? On Funerals and Cake Fails

Dear Kids,

I’ve been MIA on the blog-front lately. Apologies. I just got back from my aunt’s funeral in Portland. It was beautiful.


My Mom and I cleaned out her room and set aside some things for loved ones. I selected a stuffed elephant for Kitten and a policeman nesting doll for Buddy. For myself, well I was most taken with the photos.


My grandparents with their first born. Such sweet, naive kids...


My grandfather (the only one not looking at the camera) and his 5 brothers


My beautiful grandmother


The kids! Neighbors and siblings at play. I'm related to a handful of them.

Anyhow, enough of the sentimental. Let’s get to the embarrassing stuff, shall we?

So, it was Buddy’s birthday recently. There was much rejoicing and much cake.

There were cupcakes at school, icecream cake at Chuck E. Cheese, and cake for your actual party. Yikes! (We like to stretch out our birthdays around here)

For your party I decided I would make your cake myself. I have friends with these skills. Friends who actually make money with their cake skills. Surely I can apply icing to a cake, right? Mothers have been doing so for years!

I should have hired one of my friends.


It's a Starwars cake. Light side & dark side, get it?

Apparently I cannot apply icing to cake. Cake hates me.

Here’s the cake I made under extreme supervision for Kitten’s 5th bday:


Beautiful, right? And back to Buddy’s 5th bday cake:


It's a Starwars cake. Light side & dark side, get it?

It looks like I took an egg beater to it.  Maliciously. [Sigh]

Thankfully, I was able to consult with one of those aforementioned cake-savy friends and redeem myself:


You see that? That, my friends, is 3 cans of blue icing. It was, I’m told, delicious. I don’t care, as long as he liked it:


And he did 🙂


Papa performs


Bounce house BEFORE cake. No vomiting, please.


Birthday spoils: stormtrooper masks and pool noodle light sabers

Homemade Starwars birthday party. Nailed it! 😉

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Fun with Kids – Cake Icing Trick!

Cake Icing Trick

I have a friend who knows a little bit about everything creative and a lot about certain ones. Everyone needs at least one of these friends! They are the ones that tell you things like, “Use powdered sugar instead of flour when rolling out sugar cookies” or “Add cocoa powder to icing before adding food coloring to get it a deeper color”. Brilliant!

So, the other day when I was icing Kitten’s birthday cake (and making a mess out of it), my friend took the spatula from my hand (a wise move) and showed me The Way.

Here is The Way to ice a cake:

Get a glass of water and an icing knife (remarkably I had one and did not even know it!). Dip the knife in the water before dipping it into the icing. Spread a very thin layer of icing all over the cake, dipping in to the water occasionally to keep the icing from gumming up on the knife. Spreading this thin layer will seal in the crumbly cake exterior and provide a smooth surface for the rest of the icing to go on.


It was magical! The icing went on beautifully! I have never before iced a cake or even a cupcake without damaging the cake surface. Usually I try to smooth out the icing and I just wind up tearing up a big chunk of cake. No more! Now I know The Way!

Perfection :)

Perfection 🙂

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Fun with Kids – Strawberry Cream Cake

Strawberry Cream Cake

This may possibly be my favorite cake and it is so easy! You don’t even need an oven if you buy your angel food cake at the store (which I do, thankyouverymuch).

1 Angel Food Cake
1 Container Cream Cheese Icing
1 Container Cool Whip
1-2 Container Strawberries
1-2 Containers Blueberries or other fruit (optional)

Mix the cream cheese icing and the cool whip together – you can use a blender for extra fluffiness if desired. I have to take a moment here. I love this whip – it is like my crack. I make extra and put it on every fruit we have in the house. It’s not diet-friendly exactly, but I’m eating more fruit, right?

Tear up the angel food cake – a great job for the kids. In a large container – preferably glass so you can admire the layers – put in a layer of cake, a layer of whip, a layer of fruit, and repeat. The kids can chuck in the cake and fruit and you can add the whip which is sticky and somewhat uncooperative – delicious mutiny! Mine tend to be pretty messy and they are still really pretty – so, don’t sweat it. At the top, put down a smooth layer of the whip and then decorate with the fruit. Viola! You are ready to rock.

Strawberry Terarium Cake

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