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Who’s The Boss?

Dear Kids,

The other day in the car, Buddy was trying to bait Kitten, which is usually a very easy thing to do, being the delicate flower that she is (read: emotional with a hair-trigger crying reflex). Buddy was blowing raspberries and the like with shockingly little results. Finally Buddy says, “I mad at you! You go to your room!”

To which Kitten responded – in a surprisingly mature manner – “Buddy, you are not the boss of me. I am the boss of me. I am in control of my own body. I control myself and I do not hit people or say mean things. If I knock over my juice, that is my responsibility. If someone bothers me, I just ignore them. You are the boss of you. Control yourself, Buddy.”

Well, someone’s been paying attention in class! Way to go my little mini service announcement!

I was having a little proud parent moment, when Buddy looked Kitten right in her mature, controlled face and…growled. A nice long, low, animal growl.

Kitten lost it. Just collapsed in a puddled of inconsolable tears.

So much for control.

I tried to coach her along. “You are your own boss, Sweetie! You are in control of your own emotions!” Meanwhile Buddy continued to growl, resplendent in his success, and Kitten called for Buddy to not be allowed to speak…ever again.

And then the children learned that – I – am the boss of them. And the boss wants QUIET.

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