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Have Tissue, Will Extract

Dear Kids,

Apropos of nothing…let’s talk about spa facials.

The last time I got a facial at a lovely spa establishment, I casually asked the 24 year-old, flawless-skinned technician why she was extracting (fancy for popping) my zits when I was told not to do that by multiple dermotologists.

Her reply: “Well, you really shouldn’t. I’m trained in this.”

Oh really? “What do you do that is so different from what I would do?”

“Well I have clean hands and I’m using this tissue.”

Swear to God, that was all the girl had. Clean hands and a tissue.

I hate to break it to you, sweetheart, but I have soap and tissues at my house too. Am I really paying for your good hygiene and possession of a Kleenex?? Next time I’ll put my money in to a foot rub and an extra box of Puffs Plus, thank you very much.


She followed that up by telling me that I had nice skin for someone ‘my age’. Can you feel the bristling?

After establishing that I was only 10 years her senior and hardly in ‘for your age’ territory, I said, “Word to the wise; If you want to keep getting tips, I wouldn’t use that line again.” Cue 2 minutes of stuttering and back pedaling.

The remainder of our time together was awkwardly but gratefully silent.

Definitely a foot rub next time. I bet I have great feet for someone “my age.”

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