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Bloom Where You’re Planted…But Take Your Time

Dear Kids,

As a parent, I dread two things: potty training and puberty. We – somehow – survived potty training, although not entirely unscathed. Which leaves…puberty ::shudder::

I was a late bloomer. I was almost in high school by the time I got my period and I didn’t have measureable cleavage until college.

Your father was a later bloomer. I’m less familiar with how this is measured in boys, but probably something to do with shaving and dropping an octave.

I’m kind of hoping all this late blooming compounds on you two. With any luck you won’t hit puberty until you’ve moved out.

A mom can dream, right?

Update: too late. Kitten got her first lose tooth two days ago and when we looked she had all four of her adult molars coming in. It begins…


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Stupid Hormones…

Dear Kids,

Once a month I go clinically insane. Once a month I get moony-eyed and sappy and cry at any commercial with a baby or a puppy in it. Once a month I put my hand on my abdomen and think, “maybe…”

Once a month I emerge spontaneously from the ‘baby cloud’ and think, “Who the hell was that??”

Thanks so much, hormones. I don’t recall requesting the once monthly personality transplant, but it sure does keep things interesting…

Crazy? Me??

Crazy? Me??

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