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Dear Kids – The Alphabet and the Retainer

Dear Kids,

When my older sister was about 12 she began her glorious adventure in to orthodontia. I was to follow her a mere two years later, but in this story I am blissfully ignorant of that fact. If I’d known, perhaps I would have been nicer. Every time she got a new retainer, an adjustment, or those awful tension rubber bands, I would ask her to recite the alphabet so that I could mock her brand new speech impediment.

It wasn’t kind, I know, but for some reason she complied every time. Don’t feel too bad; once my personal foray in to orthodontia began, I had to perform as well.

So, when my nephew called me a few nights ago and without preamble began reciting the alphabet, I knew before he hit his first lisp that he’d been bestowed his first retainer. Congratulations, kiddo!! I can’t wait to see your brand new smile 🙂

Aunt Bethie sporting some awesome metal mouth, while poor, naïve me waits on the doorstep of orthodontia.

Aunt Bethie sporting some awesome metal mouth, while I am as yet unaware that my time is coming.

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