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A Lost Cat and A Glory Hound

Dear Kids,

Last night we lost the cat.


Usually he hides (wisely) until you kids go to bed. When we close your bedroom door he will be sitting at the top of the steps. “It’s my time now.”

He’ll meow his little heart out, leading us down to his food bowl like he’s sure we won’t remember to feed him this time. “Stupid humans.” I would like to point out that he has an automatic feeder. I literally just give it a shake so the food bowl appears magically full again.

Around 10:00 pm every night you can find him curled up and taking a post dinner nap atop his chosen family member; frequently me, but just as frequently the dog, and even sometimes your Dad.


It was almost exactly 10:00 pm last night when your Dad said out of the blue, “Where’s the cat?”

Good question.

We checked all of his usual spots, shook his bag of food, and when he still didn’t appear, I began to actually worry.

Had he gotten in to something poisonous? A mousetrap? Cleaning supplies? Had he snuck outside somehow when we let the dog out? Since his rescue 5 months ago he hasn’t been outside. Every opportunity we’ve offered him to explore out there was greeted with a distinct cat-like “Hell no.”

We tore the house apart (Quietly. Children were sleeping). We checked every closet, under every couch and bed, and the attic. I stood outside shaking a bag of cat treats while your father scoured the neighborhood. He found a fox, two rabbits, and a deer. But, no cat.

At around 11:30 pm we gave up our search and reassured ourselves that he would come home when he was ready. I went to bed and tried not to think about our resident fox and what his appetite might be like.

I woke up in the morning, exhausted and still very upset. I started thinking about which photo I should use for the ‘Lost Cat’ poster. Your father rolled over and yawned, “I found the cat.”

I say Billy upright in bed. “What?? When? Where?”

“Last night. 1:30. In the attic.”

“But I checked the attic!”

“He probably wasn’t there when you looked. That attic connects to all the crawl spaces running the whole length of the house.” And, thanks to the effectiveness of home insulation, we couldn’t hear him.

Apparently your Dad woke up at 1:30 am to scratching at the attic door. He opened it up and there was the cat. Hallelujah! The cat walked right past him and over to the dog, whom he snuggled up to and then set to purring like crazy. Like the dog did anything!

Hey Cat, you know what that dog did while you were missing? He chased an imaginary squirrel, licked himself, and then went to sleep. But he gets all the love??

I’d pretend to be more offended, but I’m honestly just so glad he’s back.

See you at 10:00 tonight, buddy?


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Mitts Up!

Dear Buddy,

You fell in love with this little pair of blue, gray, and green stripped mittens. You wore then when it was cold and you wore them when it was hot. You loved them.

Despite my objections, you wore them in the snow repeatedly last winter. We bought you snow gloves and snow mittens; nice, water proof, and warm. You would have none of them.

When the snow soaked through your mittens and froze your fingers you cried big, elephant tears – not because your fingers hurt (which I’m sure they did) – but because I was forcing you to remove your precious mittens.


Then, one fateful day, one mitten went missing.

You scoured the house. We all helped you look. You protested all attempts to leave the house with out the lost mitten. You wept at our heartless insistence that lost mittens are not worth missing school for. You wore the mitten – the single, pathetic, lonely mitten – to school for two days.

We eventually tucked the mitten away in your sock drawer. Out of sight, out of mind.

A week or so later a miracle happened! The other mitten popped up in the laundry! Rejoice! I placed it on my bedside table and imagined the joyful scene the next morning when I reunited boy with mittens.

The next morning you woke me up by bopping me on the cheek with a mittened hand. “I have a surprise for you, Buddy!” I reached for the other mitten. Gone.

Hm. Maybe he’s wearing that one. I got up to retrieve the original mitten from your sock drawer…no mitten.

So…which mitten are you wearing, Buddy?

It was infuriating! I had been counting on providing my little boy with a matching set of coveted mittens! How hard was it to keep track of two mittens??

I scoured the house again with no luck. While Buddy napped, I took the single mitten and placed it purposefully on top of my dresser – solitary confinement. It is in protective custody until we find his mate.

I am considering video surveillance.

Follow-up: about a week later I found the other mitten under a seat in my car. The boy was joyfully reunited with both mittens and wore them religiously throughout the spring until I hid them for the summer. Because I don’t care how much you love them – it’s freaking hot and you’re not allowed to wear mittens!!

Reunited, and it feels so good...

Reunited, and it feels so good…

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Strange Bedfellows

Dear Kids,

At bedtime last night, I tucked my cell phone snug in my pocket as I climbed the stairs to join in our nighttime negotiations routine.

Laundry was put away, clothes were changed, teeth were brushed, potties were used, and lots and lots of tempers were kept…mostly.

We kissed you both soundly and then gratefully retired to the den where we enjoyed back-to-back tv shows without any musical interludes or animation what-so-ever.

As I was about to head to bed, I patted my pocked and realized – uh oh – my cell phone was missing.

I casually searched the den. I purposefully searched my bedroom. I apprehensively searched the kitchen, dining room, and living room. I anxiously stared at your bedroom doors. Hmmm…

I crept like a ninja in to your rooms (read: I hit every squeaky floorboard and kicked a few unidentified objects) and visually inspected the floor and the surface of every piece of furniture. No joy.

I returned to the den and admitted to your father that I just could not find the darn thing. Before I could voice my suspicions that it might be in one of your beds, my trusty husband dialed up my wayward cell phone.


“It’s already ringing. Better scoot.”

Scoot I did! Ears perked, I triangulated the location of my phone. Buddy’s room.

I ninja’d my way back in to the room (read: tripped once and almost set off a battery-operated toture device with a very loud, repeating song). This time I physically inspected the floor and surface of every piece of furniture. Still no joy.

I eyed the bed.

<Deep breath>

I deftly removed the loose blankets from the bottom of the bed and gently shook them out. No phone. I felt around between the mattress and the wall. No phone.

I had to go in.

I put my knee on the bed and extracted an audible complaint from the loudest – although most waterproof – mattress in the western hemisphere. From my newly attained position, I carefully lifted the comforter off of the sleeping child and there – 4 inches from the butt – was my phone…set to vibrate, maximum volume, and chirping loudly to be charged.

So much for my ninja skills! An elephant could have retrieved that phone and Buddy wouldn’t have noticed.

Phone in hand I thought three things: 1) That was pretty funny. 2) How could he sleep through that?? 3) Seriously. Should I check his breathing?

I didn’t have to. Buddy rolled over obligingly and I snuck back out of his room – like a ninja elephant…

image from

image from

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Dear Buddy – Undercover Mission

Dear Buddy,

I went in to your room to wake you up yesterday morning and found this. For half a second I panicked. Where did you go? Did you finally sneak off in the night like I’m always afraid you’ll do?

So, can you find the two year old?


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Dear Buddy – MIA

Dear Buddy,

The other day the whole family was outside. Daddy and Kitten were working in the garden, I was painting the shed, and you were running around. At some point I looked around and didn’t see you. This isn’t uncommon. You are a hider.

I was a little worried that the back gate was open. A quick inspection of the back and front yards yielded no Buddy. I went inside the house and called around for you upstairs, downstairs and everywhere in between. At this point I was starting to get that horrible lurching in my stomach that all parents get when they don’t know where their children are. I hate it.

I told Daddy that I couldn’t find you and he did a more thorough check of the yards plus a little up and down the street. I went back inside and started weaving like a maniac through the rooms.

On my third sweep through the kitchen I spotted something out of the corner of my eye: there you were, sitting calmly at the dining room table eating fruit snacks one by one. You just sorta cocked your head at me.

Watcha looking for, Mom?

You have got to be kidding me! Not a sound? Not a peep? You just sat there and watched me run passed you like a crazy person yelling your name??

Well I would’ve said something, but it’s rude to talk with your mouth full. Fruit snack?

Obviously you need to learn how to respond when called and I need to learn how to open my freaking eyes once in awhile.



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