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Fun with Kids – Snow Day Crafts

As a result of a rare snow day that graced us today, the Kitten and I got in to some crafts will Buddy was napping.

Stained Glass Wax

Super simple, but she loved it. I drew a picture on a piece of wax paper and taped it on the glass. I think the key is the outside line which I told her she was not allowed to draw past. We used mini Sharpies because her washable markers didn’t stick. I imagine if any had gotten on the glass we could have just wiped it off. With the backdrop of all the white snow outside it looked really cool on the window!

Stained Glass Wax 1            Stained Glass Wax 2

Paint Bag

LOVE this one! After she smooshed the paint to her heart’s content, we took our fingers and wrote things in it, drew pictures, and played games. Her favorite part was ‘clearing’ the lines afterwards. All this is is a ziplock bag with paint in two corners taped to the table with a piece of white paper underneath. I love the simple things!

Paint Bag 1        Paint Bag 2

I Spy Jar

Another simple one! I found an old mason jar – although I really wanted something plastic, it will be a mess if this ever breaks – and filled it with rice. Kitten and I then went around the house and filled it with little doo-dads – that was fun too. I wrote the items on the side of the jar so we would remember what to look for. She had a good time with it and some of the things actually took awhile even for me to find!

I Spy Jar     I Spy Jar 2

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