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Weekend Review

Dear Kids,

Oh my goodness! So much went on this weekend! Let’s review, shall we?

First off, my cousin came to visit us. We had a blast!

Plenty of serious, intellectual conversations...

Plenty of serious, intellectual conversations…

...and just a few shenanigans!

…and just a few shenanigans!

We ran rough-shod over a fantastic wooden playground that makes me feel like a kid again…

I've still got it!

I’ve still got it!

Followed by a picnic and more shenanigans!

Playground Buddy 2 Playground Buddy 1 Playground Kitten

Buddy passed out immediately when we got home, so my cousin and I rolled up our sleeves and put this up in the large hallway outside the kids’ rooms:

How much awesomeness is this??

How much awesomeness is this??

Keeping our creative streak going the girls painted Easter eggs. I think we rocked it:

IMG_8727.1 20140405_184230

Unfortunately, on Sunday my cousin had to leave 😦  Fortunately, there were still shenanigans left in us! Buddy and Kitten both got a good dose of classic childhood: climbing trees and playing in mud:

Muddin' it Tree climbing 1 tree climbing 2

On an interesting note…allergies have hit the little people pretty hard here. Buddy’s nose bothered him so badly today that he applied a Mickey Mouse bandaid under his nose. It was…an interesting look:

I rock this look. Word.

I rock this look. Word.

And that was about it! I had so much fun this weekend with you guys, and if how zonked you were by the end of it is any indication, I think you two enjoyed it as well 😉

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Mi Band-aids, Su Band-aids

Dear Kids,

The other night we put you both soundly to bed and adjourned to the couch. Not 2 minutes later Kitten was at the top of the stairs complaining that she couldn’t sleep…like she had tried so hard.

After negotiations broke down, I got out of my extremely comfy spot on the couch and went upstairs…where I passed Buddy’s room. The door was wide open and I could just make out the dark shadow of Buddy sitting on the floor in the middle of the room.

“What are you doing, Buddy?” I asked curiously.

“McQueen!” Buddy shouted with glee. Curiouser and curiouser.

I flipped on the light and saw that Buddy was surrounded by Band-aid wrappers (how can a handful of bandages produce so much trash??). You were doggedly trying to extricate and apply a Lightning McQueen Band-aid to your (uninjured) finger.

Only…these were not Lightning McQueen Band-aids. In the clarity of light Buddy saw to his chagrin that he were holding a very pink, very girly, princess Band-aid.


His face fell for a second as he put it all together. All that work – sneaking in to the bathroom undetected, scaling the toilet to the bathroom sink, maneuvering around the awkwardly opening medicine cabinet…all for naught!

Not one easily discouraged, Buddy shrugged it off, lifted his finger and said, “Bad-aid pweeze.”

McQueen or princess, he had earned himself a Band-aid, darn-it! Unnecessary bandage applied, Buddy hopped back in to bed, content.

I was halfway down the stairs back to my comfy spot, when I realized I had not put down the child who called me upstairs in the first place. Ugh. And we’re all out of princess Band-aids…

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Dear Buddy – Party at Your Place

Dear Buddy,

Last night about 45 minutes after putting you down, we heard you stirring in your room. Like, stirring the heck out of the place.

I went up to investigate and saw: two dozen books from your shelf tumbled on the floor, half of your pull-ups scattered about, all of the toys from your toy box dumped out, bed blankets thrown willy-nilly, and you in the middle of it all…naked as a jay bird.

I’m not sure what went on in there, but I can’t say you didn’t have fun doing it.


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Dear Kids – So This Happened…




Over, and over, and over again…Apparently we don’t need to get you a dog, we just need to get you a dog door.

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