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Stop In the Name of Love

Dear Buddy,

It was your birthday this week. We’ve spaced out your gifts so you’ve been getting a couple a day between your actual birthday and your official party this weekend. It’s been fun. Here are the highlights so far:



Darth Vader is now an Avenger.


So many Starwars books!

You also got a cool pair of Darth Vader gloves (gauntlets! Thank you, costume design class) and the new Starwars movie.

Now, my sister had been asking me what she could get you and I ran through a few things. I mentioned your love for signs. My sister suggested a cool ‘dinosaur crossing’ sign.

I said, “that’s great and I’m sure most kids would really like it, but Buddy’s more of a stop sign guy.”

She said, “seriously? He wants a stop sign?”

Yes. Yes he does. And that’s what you got:



Stopper (left) and Stoppy (right)


Read to Stopper, Mimi!

I think your Aunt won your birthday 😉

P.s. After that last picture you ran out of the house (bad idea!) and attempted to introduce Stopper to his ‘cousin’ stop sign at the end of our block. “Mom, they need to talk!” You insisted as I dragged your precocious butt away from the street. And that is why we have a hotel lock high up on the front door. Flight risk.

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When You Grow Up You Want to Be…

Dear Buddy,

You like signs. I’m talking Stop signs, Street signs, No Smoking signs, etc. You want to be a ‘sign-maker’ when you grow up.

I’m not sure this is an actual profession, but someone has to make all the signs, right? And there are a LOT of signs out there.

Your favorite sign is the Stop sign. You made your own. You call it Stoppy and you play with it; sometimes taking it with you places like a security blanket.

On one such occasion, you brought Stoppy with us on an errand to Staples. Did you know that Staples has a sign section? You do now!

They had For Sale signs, Caution signs, and fill-in-the-blank signs; but the one that blew your mind was the electronic sign. It could be any sign you wanted it to be! For a hot second I thought about getting you one for Christmas. It’s kind of like a big Light Bright, right?

You draw a lot of signs at home. When you first started drawing signs it was a little awkward. I’d ask you and your sister to sign a card and you’d draw a stop sign instead of your name. I’d ask you to draw a picture for Grandma and you’d draw ‘No Dogs Allowed’.

The worst was when I asked you to sign a card for my Aunt C. Instead of your name you drew a No Smoking sign…on a Get Well card…for someone who smokes…and was just diagnosed with lung cancer. I was mortified.

Unfortunately, we’d all already signed it and your sister had drawn a nice picture, so I decided we’d call it abstract art, not bring attention to it, and rely on Aunt C’s good sense of humor. If she noticed what your contribution actually was, she hasn’t mentioned it. Although, she’s sure to take another look at it after this post.

When I told you that you couldn’t go into the room with the cat’s food in it because you kept leaving the door open and the dog was eating the cat’s food, you immediately walked away and came back with a sign that said, “No Buddy’s Allowed” with your name and a big, red line through it. It is not a very good sign; not because it is poorly made, but because it is ineffective. The dog decided he didn’t like cat food long before you learned to keep the door closed. (P.S. the cat gets in and out via cat door)

You are encouraged in your sign-making aspiration by a nice little book I got quite some time ago (before kids!) called The Sign Painter’s Dream. It involves a grumpy sign painter who learns that charity can make you happy. It is a regular in our repertoire because I think the sign painter is your role model…and he has a cat who looks like ours.


I am putting this in the official record and I want to see how long it lasts: You are four and you want to be a sign-maker. Any guesses on what you will actually be some day? I’ve got dibs on graphic artist (sign-making adjacent).


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