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Dear Mom – Happy Birthday

Dear Mom,

When I was in grade school one of the perennial games my classmates would play was “Who is”; Who is the most handsome man in the world? Who is the funniest person in the world? Who is the fastest person in the world?

Sometimes the Guinness Book of World Records was consulted. Sometimes there was hearty debate.

I wasn’t able to contribute very much to these conversations. My working knowledge of movie stars were all from the black-and-white era (thank you Mom and AMC). None of my classmates knew who Cary Grant or Shirley Temple were! No culture…

Regardless, I always had an answer to one question, “Who is the most beautiful woman in the world?” Every year they asked this question, every year – from first through sixth grade – I gave it careful consideration, and every year I had the same answer: my mom.

I looked at movie stars and carefully consulted magazines. But none of them smiled through their eyes like my mom. Certainly that was beauty. I looked at the prettiest girls in my school, but none of them lit up a room like my mom. What could be more beautiful? I looked at the faces of other people when my mom smiled and saw their faces light up too. That’s a beauty superpower!

I looked everywhere until every year I was very sure; The most beautiful person in the world was  – and still is – my mom.

So, Mom, on your birthday we have lots of gifts and surprises for you. But, really, I just want to let you know how lucky I feel that I got to grow up with the most beautiful woman in the world.



I love you 🙂

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Dear Kids – Why Your Dad is Awesome

Dear Kids,

You have an awesome dad. A truly superior specimen of fatherhood and an uber cool dude. How lucky could you get?

I give you, below, empirical evidence of your father’s awesomeness.

1) He snowboards. I should just stop the list there, right?

2) He was a rock climber. Like, the big walls where you’re hanging on by a fingertip. And, he’d bring his dog up with him in a harness…a Bernese Mountain Dog. Look it up kids, they ain’t small.

3) He followed the Grateful Dead on tour for a while and made gas money by selling grilled cheese sandwiches outside of his VW bus. Does that not just reek of coolness??

4) He plays hockey. That’s right.

5) He builds stuff and fixes things. He has built: a deck, a retaining wall, a patio, an entertainment unit, and that’s just the highlights.

6) He runs and he likes it. This is something I don’t personally understand, but I admire him for it and hope you two follow in his rubber-soled foot steps.

7) He was at one time a professional photographer and videographer. He knows how to use all that fancy equipment too.

8) He bought you a house. Technically, it is for all of us, but why the big back yard, the sidewalks for riding bikes, and the cul-de-sac for playing in the street? That’s all you guys.

9) He says ‘No’ and makes you do things for yourself. You might not think this is cool, but you two have learned to do several things for yourself and I know you like the independence that brings. Your welcome.

10) He is a big jungle gym. I think this is your favorite thing about Daddy. He rolls, tackles, throws, chases, catches, tickles, and bounces. I have seen him get down on the floor and go rounds with you guys even when I know he is exhausted. Sometimes it riles you guys up when he does it at bedtime, but how upset could I get? You won’t be this age forever. He’s treasuring the moment.

11) He is patient at 3:00 am. I don’t know how he does it, but every time we’re woken up in the wee hours he uses his soft voice and makes sure that you guys are ok. He listens. I don’t even have ears at that hour.

12) He makes sure we’re all eating our vegetables. Probably especially me.

13) He takes you to the gym. You guys don’t actually use the equipment yet, but you love to go with him and play in the kids center. Eventually, though, I hope you do work out with Daddy and learn how to strengthen your body.

14) He makes time for you. Even if he is working on a big project or getting work done from home, he will stop what he is doing to listen to you tell that long story about what happened on the playground.

15) He seeks you out. Daddy gets grumpy if he doesn’t see enough of you guys. He misses you. And when he does he seeks you out and you get to bathe in the awesomeness of his undivided attention.

16) He says goodnight no matter what. Even if he was working late and you’re already asleep. Even if he’s traveling and has to call. Even if he has to go out before you go to bed. Daddy always says goodnight.

17) He is funny. He is a sarcastic S.O.B. and I hope it rubs off on you guys (I will regret this later).

18) He is great with numbers. He can talk percentages and interest rates and all of that contract-related stuff and he is so confident and energized when he does. He loves that stuff and he is so good at it. I definitely hope some of that rubs off on you guys.

19) He loves you. So much. And he tells you every day. Sometimes with words and sometimes just by giving you an extra hug, putting his hand on your head, or looking at you with a mixture of pride and sadness that you are growing up so fast.

20) He loves your Mommy. Which is a really awesome thing. It makes me feel lucky every day.

So, congratulations on scoring a great Dad! Make sure to throw him a little appreciation every once in a while. Especially today 🙂

Happy Birthday, Babe!

Happy Birthday, Babe!

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