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To Whine or Not to Wine; There Is No Question. 

Dear Kids,

My sister and her family came for a visit last weekend. It was awesome! You two love being with your cousins.

Right after they arrived, we were all in the car together. Someone starts whining about something…

Me: Oh! The whining! Yuck!

All the parents together in Extreme Whine: I don’t wanna! It’s hot! I’m hungry! Are we there yet?

Kids: [giggling]

Brother-in-law: Who in this car likes whining?

Kids (much too enthusiastically): ME!!

Kitten (proudly): I whine ALL the time to get what I want!

Me: And how does that work out for you?

Kitten (pouting): It doesn’t.

Me: Then why do you keep doing it??

Kitten (giggling): I don’t know!

God help me! Children literally make no sense!

The Whiners. Photo credit: Uncle Terry

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