Dear Kids – Trampoline

Dear Kids,

Quite possibly one of the most genius moves your father and I made was putting a trampoline near the television – and we’re not even sure how it happened. We originally got the trampoline in the winter to burn off excess energy if we got trapped inside during a snow storm. Well, the storm didn’t pan out, and the trampoline sat, unused in the den.

At some point the trampoline found its way in to the family room where we watch most of our television (your father and I chalk this up to creative parenting, but it’s more likely that one of you moved it). Suddenly and inexplicably it was being used constantly. A peppy song on Jake and the Neverland Pirates? Time for a bounce! An exciting chase scene in Octonauts? Bounce! Dancing on Doc McStuffins? Bounce! Bounce! Bounce!

This is perfect! Exercise AND I can cook dinner without you under foot? Hallelujah! Now, if only we could get the trampoline to actually power the television…

Everything is more fun when you're bouncing!

Everything is more fun when you’re bouncing!

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2 thoughts on “Dear Kids – Trampoline

  1. We have a 12′ tramp in our backyard. If I could get that bad boy into the house….

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