Fun with Kids – Quotable Diapers

Quotable Diapers

I made this for a baby shower gift for a dear friend. I think she’ll appreciate the laugh. The idea is to take a small pack of diapers and write funny or encouraging things on them for the new parents. This is also a great activity for a baby shower. Here are some of my favorite things to write:

1)      Hint: It’s poop!
2)      Only a few thousand more diapers before I’m potty trained!
3)      (on the back) If you can read this you put it on backwards – thanks to my husband for this one!
4)      Biohazard Containment Unit
5)      Does this diaper make my butt look big?
6)      I’m a stinker!
7)      You pamper me
8)      Do something nice for yourself…shower!
9)      Where can a guy get a drink around here?
10)   Meet me back at my crib.
11)   Caution: Hazardous Materials
12)   Thank you!
13)   You’re doing great!
14)   Have you done this before?
15)   See you at 2am!
16)   It was your turn, huh?
17)   That wipe was COLD!
18)   You people are weird…
19)   The poop eradication is just one reason I love you.
20)   What say we go commando?


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14 thoughts on “Fun with Kids – Quotable Diapers

  1. Sooo funny! (and I am happy they are not coming to me, as I certainly hope those times have passed in this house).

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  4. Magnificent!!! Great idea!

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  6. What a fabulous idea. I love it!

  7. Those times are behind me now (no pun intended) but I used to tell my kids they had to do things during the “why?” stage. After a few days of answering the “why” I finally started telling them because it said so in the Mother’s Rule Book, then made up a page number and a rule number. My daughter was a teenager before she asked me if there really was a Mother’s Rule Book. It worked though, when they were kids.

  8. Just WoW! This is indeed the most creative and amazing idea.
    I specially liked the quote “Hint: It’s Poop”. ;P
    Thanks a ton! for the share. 🙂

  9. I have a baby shower coming up — I’m so doing that.

  10. Michelle

    What kind of marker did you use to write on the diaper? I have played this game before and the marker always bleeds and it can be hard to read.

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