Dear Kitten – Husband Jackpot

Dear Kitten,

Nearly two years ago, when you were almost 3, you announced that you were going to marry a little boy in your class named ‘G’. The next time I was in your classroom I asked your teacher to point out G to me. Kitten, girl, you have good taste; that boy is cuuuuuute! Dimples and everything. Good choice.

For a year and a half you talked about how you two were getting married until one day – quite unceremoniously – you announced that the wedding was off. I was shocked! And, I’ll admit, a little sad. It had been so cute.

For the better part of 6 months there has been no mention of marriage, weddings, or even G. I assumed the phase had passed.

Then, just this week I ran in to G’s mom at school. She said, “G told me that he and Kitten are getting married, but only when they grow up. He told me, ‘Mom, she doesn’t even need to learn how to cook. I’ll cook for her.'”

Winner! You, dear Kitten, have just hit the husband jackpot. Dimples AND he cooks? Don’t let that one get away 😉

"Yes to the dress!" ...and those shoes are divine.

All ready for the big day! Just need to wait 20 years or so…

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4 thoughts on “Dear Kitten – Husband Jackpot

  1. Thank you for making me laugh so hard!

    xoxo, Eszter

  2. Just had to comment that the blog header photo of your children is ADORABLE!! Very sweet and makes me smile!

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